No Need To Panic, Here’s What You Need To Know To Keep Your Data Safe

Imagine you are working on a very important deadline. You’ve spent several weeks working on a project from your laptop –or as I like to call it my best friend–.  You are almost ready to hand it in, when the unthinkable happens. You just dropped water on your computer! And, now it doesn’t want to turn on. What are you going to do?!


If only you would have properly backed up your computer, you now would be able to access the project files from any computer and would be able to hand them in right on time. Now you have to run to a tech shop and pray you didn’t lose all the data on your hard drive.

Ok, so perhaps I’m exaggerating the situation, but I really want to put things in perspective. Entrepreneurs and small business owners get so caught up with all the daily to-dos that we forget to take care of the basics.

Bottom line: Avoid putting yourself in a situation in which you are losing your hard work because you just didn’t prepare properly.

Unfortunately, backing up your computer is one of those things that you just need to do, even though we don’t really think we need it, kind of like life insurance, and once something happens we really wished we would have had it.

Here’s a brief video I put together for Tecniquo, a tech support startup I co-Founded, with the basics of computer back-up.


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